Prophetic Convergence

Is the Truth Finally Coming to Light? Hunter Biden’s Laptop, and Ukraine’s W.E.F. Affair


Lance Wallnau and Barry Segal discuss current events from the Israeli and American perspective. Included in this week’s broadcast: Ukraine’s involvement with the World Economic Forum and the Davos crowd is called into question: Iran and Russia continue to strengthen their relationship with each other, causing many to worry about Russia’s potential for arming Iran with nuclear weaponry; Biden makes a variety of statements with potentially disastrous consequences that are immediately walked back (including hinting at a need for regime change in Russia, and putting American “boots on the ground” in Ukraine); and finally, the NY Times and Washington Post finally admit to the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, a story in the works since 2020, and one that may tie the entire Biden family, including our sitting president, to a trail of lies, bribery and crime.

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